Sunlit Blues, print

Sunlit Blues, print

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This is a gorgeous print of an original colored pencil drawing by Karen Kaffenberger. A blue heron strutting across the grass in the sunlight, this print is produced on high quality, durable, 100 lb paper. Size approximately 10 inches wide x 8 inches long.

The original "Sunlit Blues" drawing was a Special Merit Winner of the 9th Annual "Open" September 2019 Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. 

Photo reference provided by Ernie Griffith.

About this print:

My family used to live close to a small lake and we would see these majestic blue and gray herons on our walks. We often saw them flying, and they became for us a sign of hope and joy. Please enjoy this drawing of a sunlit blue heron making its way to a lake.